Colab notebooks

The easiest way to start using AtomAI is via Google Colab, which is a free research tool from Google for machine learning education and research built on top of Jupyter Notebook. The following notebooks can be executed in Google Colab by simply clicking on the “Open in Colab” icon:

  • Segmentor: Semantic Segmentation of Microscopy Data DCNN
  • Im2Spec: Predicting 1D Spectra from 2D Images Im2Spec
  • Defect Sniffer: Finding Topological Lattice Defects Sniffer
  • VAE: Exploring Order Parameter in Disordered Systems VAE
  • Deep Kernel Learning: Functionality from Structural Data DKL
  • Custom models: Implementation of Custom Image Denoiser Custom models
  • Training data: Training Data Preparation Training data
  • Datasets: Experimental datasets for ML applications Datasets